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EST JUNE 27, 2000

We’re celebrating 23 years of service and sisterhood!

We wanted to start an organization that did not discriminate against women because of their ethnic background and sexual orientations. It was very important to us that we worked to form a unified, unique, diverse, and comfortable sisterhood. With the many issues that affect the LGBT community day to day, we also wanted to be a strong and active voice in the community by providing our service and leadership. Presently, Beta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc. is victorious in offering exceptional service and leadership to many companies and organizations not just in the LGBT arena, but in all areas of service.

Nichole Lanier

For me Beta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc. means strength and abundant leadership. I have learned so much about growth and leadership and for that I will forever be grateful for the opportunity of sisterhood and service. 

I am still in awe of how far we have come and I will probably always be pleasantly surprised at how we as an organization consistently set the bar for excellence, internally and externally.

I am dedicated to Beta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc. because the vision is greater than myself. Being the first National President taught me many things, but the greatest is what leadership, strength in leadership, and strength in sisterhood really is. I have dedicated myself to our branding by serving on the National Web and Marketing Committee and I am the current National Treasurer.  I also serve on the National Sisterly Healing and Health Committee – something dear to my heart. Sisterhood is also healing. There is nothing more rewarding than giving back to something that I wholeheartedly believe in! 

Our members are the epitome of excellence. Every member is unique, diverse, and divine! To witness how my sorors diligently give back to humanity, is amazing and prestigious! 

My wish and prayer is for every member to be supremely protected, prosperous, and to know without a doubt you are all blessed and all leaders!

We are celebrating 21 years of service and sisterhood and this is a celebration well due! Every member has worked so hard and poured into our dear Beta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc. Cheers to how easy we have made it look!

I am grateful for this sisterhood and I am looking forward to seeing how much more we bloom!

Love, Nichole



Andrea Spencer

When I think about what Beta Phi Omega Sorority Inc. means to me over the  years,  I think of what Beta offers to the women of this organization including myself. Women with resilience, integrity, intellectual stimulation, and a deep rooted passion to create change in the communities in which we live in.

Beta women are continuously being the trailblazers in the communities we reside in including the LGBT Greek life community. We have helped build to create the culture, for many that now have the confidence to create their own. 21 Years ago it was frowned upon, to dare to be different and want change for a community in which society has and continues to underestimate our power and worth.

As the first National Vice President of this organization I knew it came with great responsibility. As a young woman I was filled with hope, dreams and passion. I have aided with a great deal of what I call the ‘Flamingo Movement’ in this organization for the Southeastern Region. I have also inspired many of our other regions with innovative ways to be active in their own communities as well. In the southeastern region we are the reigning champions of the RGN stroll competitions. I have created a platform for many programming and community events. All while working countless hours to build membership, bonds and sisterhood in this organization. I have made many strides to build great leadership to proceed me in this region and organization for years to come.

As a Beta woman I have held many hats over the years. I am a founder, friend, mother and wife. Most of these titles were established and gained over the past 21 years. I’ve had the pleasure of celebrating my personal advancements with my Beta sisters, who are my family. This is much deeper than a sisterhood for many of us. We are family that hold each other up through the good and most troubling times in each other’s lives. When you see a Beta woman wearing her letters. Just know you see a woman with great pride, excellence and the ability to overcome whatever stands in her way. Congratulate her as we celebrate 21 years of women with intellectual power.

Love, Andrea

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