victory with pride

National Regional Membership Committee

Chair: Joi Francis-Johnson


The National Regional Membership Committee (NRMC) is responsible for membership intake and internal membership and administrative duties. The NRMC is divided into regions with a regional representative. The NRMC hosts the National Inter-Regional Sisterly Conference (NIRSC) each year which allows sorors to catch up on sorority information, enrichment activities, and soror bonding. If you have questions about membership, the general application, or locating a chapter contact the NRMC HERE.



National Volunteer Committee

Chair: Samantha McCoy


The National Volunteer Committee (NVC) is responsible for organizing and documenting national and regional philanthropy projects. NVC also maintains Operation Pretty In Pink. The Purpose of Operation Pretty in Pink is to provide clothing for women and young women entering the workforce, school, participating in formal events and much more. Contact the NVC HERE. Follow our NVC Facebook page HERE for service updates.



National Web and Marketing Committee

Chair: Nichole Lanier


The National Web and Marketing Committee ( NWMC) provides web support, web graphic design, website maintenance, and marketing for our organization. This committee works strategically to keep the branding and the design focus for our organization new, fresh, and up to date with all the new design trends and marketing trends. Contact the NWMC HERE.



National Sisterly Healing & Health Committee

Chair: Nichole Lanier


The National Sisterly Healing and Health Committee (NSHHC) is geared towards educating and awareness for healing and health for our members and to build awareness for the general public about healthy ways of living and the path to healing the mind, body, and soul. The committee was organized to be a safe haven for all members and to help foster a positive outlook, progressive habits, and practices of healthy living. Contact the NSHHC HERE. You can also find us on Facebook HERE to utilize some of the healing and health information we post and so that you can be in the know about healing and health events for the public.